Jungian psychology and the human sciences

Jungian psychology and the human sciences International Association for Jungian Studies 2020 conference to be held jointly with Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA April 2-5, 2020 Notes from the IAJS Conference Chair, Roger Brooke, also Professor of Psychology at Duquesne University. Jung was in some ways eclectic; he wrote from many perspectives, including medical, psychoanalytic, social […]

On APA’s recommendation for treating trauma

The American Psychological Association recently recommended only one form of treatment for people with post traumatic stress disorder, saying that it is the only one that is “evidence based.” Jonathan Shedler, the author of the following article, is a renowned researcher on therapeutic outcomes and a harsh critic of APA’s recommendation, as well as much […]

Psychology of place: self, psyche, and world

This interview with Jon Mills, Ph.D., was conducted in Cape Town during the International Association of Jungian Studies conference, 2017. Its focus is on the psychology of place and shows the influence of Heidegger and Boss in my reading of Jung. It is indebted to the late Professor Dreyer Kruger. (If you click over the […]

What to do with memory: thoughts for our veterans on Memorial Day

Roger Brooke, Ph.D., ABPP Most veterans don’t know what to do with memory. Some hope to forget, but also cannot bear to be forgotten. Some hope to forget by hurling themselves back into civilian life, often drunkenly, but going down that path is not going to end well. Almost all combat veterans whom I know […]

Publication announcement on my work with combat veterans and their families.

I have written a chapter on an archetypal approach to helping those suffering from the psychological wounds of war. The chapter details a Jungian perspective, drawing from our knowledge of the universal structure of the experience of war and the universal rituals and requirements for the successful return to living in the civilian world again, […]

The qualities veterans possess

This article appeared on Memorial Day 2016 in the local newspaper, The Tribune Review. It is pasted below. — When I ask students at Duquesne University if they or a family member are veterans, there is usually a sprinkling of hands. More hands are raised when I ask about neighbors, then former school friends, fellow […]

Project 22 interview

Descartes and phenomenological psychology

NOTES ON DESCARTES AND PSYCHOLOGY: AN EXISTENTIAL PHENOMENOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE (with reference to some of the cases in Yalom’s Love’s Executioner) Roger Brooke, Ph.D., ABPP (2008–updated 2014) (Students: If you quote from this page, be sure to cite your references. Lifting from this page is plagiarism and is easily detected by your professors.) Existential phenomenological psychology […]

The soldier’s grief

Roger Brooke, Duquesne University [This is what I said at the Sunday morning service at Memorial Park Church in Allison Park, Pittsburgh during a service to welcome home returning warriors. The service was Christian, of course, but drew from the Soldiers Heart model and its archetypal understanding of the requirements for the warrior’s return. It […]

Cost-effectiveness of psychological services

Cost-effectiveness of psychological services: a summary review of the literature Presented to Dr. Sam Knapp, Director of Professional Affairs, Pennsylvania Psychological Association March 1, 2013 Roger Brooke and Jeremy Axelrad, Duquesne University Jeremy Axelrad is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Duquesne University. While authorship is to be acknowledged, readers may forward and distribute this […]