Unity Care is the group of psychologists with whom I work as an independent contractor and also as a consultant at LifeCare Hospital, which is across the road.
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Duquesne University Psychology Clinic: Military Psychological Services
The DU Clinic offers free consultation services for service members and their loved ones. Our services are especially geared towards veterans and service members of the current wars.

Memorial Day thoughts and the DU Military Psychological Services
Printed in the Duquesne Times over Memorial Day, 2013, it describes the Military Psychological Services at the DU Psychology Clinic and has some thoughts on families and Memorial Day.

Soldier’s Heart
Ed Tick, Ph.D., Kate Dahlstedt, and their team offer multiple psychological and spiritual resources from their web site, including readings and video-taped interviews. They also offer retreats around the country, the purpose of which is to bring returning warriors home.

Canyon Heroes
Canyon Heroes, founded by Mrs. Margery hermann, is based in Ligonier, PA. It organizes adventure trips down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River for veterans suffering the psychological wounds of war. The veterans are all on disability through the Veterans Administration and apply to be included on the next trip. Incoming data shows that these trips are highly valued and, for some veterans, transformative.

The Soldier’s Project
This organization was started by Judith Broder MD and a group of psychoanalysts in Los Angeles, but has spread to a number of cities across the United States.

Breaking the Stigma (of asking for help)
Produced by USASOC PAO, it is a good documentary on combat PTSI and helping overcome the stigma of asking for help.

Vets Resource
This is a national resource for veterans.