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An archetypal approach to the treatment of combat post traumatic stress disorder

Some common themes of psychology as a human science

Phenomenology of the transference

An honored guest in the iMfolozi  and the possibility of homecoming

Cost effectiveness of psychological services: a summary review of the literature
An archetypal perspective for combat trauma
Notes on the phenomenology of interiority and the foundations of psychology.pdf
Unusual treatment: a personal memory of helping people with PTSD in South Africa
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Psychological trauma & combat veteran.pdf
The self, the psyche, and the world.pdf
Ubuntuand the individuation process.pdf
Humanistic sensibilities in the assessment of dementia patients.pdf
Images, things, and symbols.pdf
Jung’s recollection of the lifeworld.pdf
Fall and Rise of expertise.pdf
Clash of the Titans
A Coyote Barks at Prometheus.pdf
So what is so special about clinical psychology? pdf


Duquesne University, Military Psychological Services
Phenomenology & therapy, Brazil 09.pdf
Voiceamerica interview with Dr. Jonathan Brower on combat veterans

The following presentations are mentioned for information, but are not available for
viewing. They have been presented to various interest groups and professional

  • Soldier’s heart as a moral calling. Presented to the Mental Health Summit at the VA, Butler, PA, Sept 10, 2014.
  • Combat experience, the warrior’s path, and the communalization of trauma (to the Veteran’s Administration, Pittsburgh, 2011).
  • Combat experience, individuation, and the communalization of trauma (to the International Society of Jungian Scholars and the International Association of Jungian Studies, Cornell University, 2010).
  • Combat experience and the meaning of PTSD (for psychologists in Curitiba, Brazil, 2009)
  • The heart of darkness and the good soldier’s ethical challenge (to APA, Division 32, Boston, 2008).
  • Deployment: challenges and opportunities for families (to Navy Reservists, North Versailles, PA, 2010).
  • The Marine and the warrior’s path: goals and challenges, with special comments on suicide (to Military Police, B Coy, HQ Bn, 4th Marine Logistics Group, 2009).