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Psychotherapy works best when listening and hearing are first  and center in our work.  I think I am able to help people when I can hear them in a way that is useful to them.

What you might like to know

I practice psychotherapy for a wide range of difficulties, including depression and anxieties, self-destructive patterns of relating to others, “family history stuff,” life transitions, sexuality, post-traumatic conditions and dissociative states, including the subtle, developmental trauma accumulated over many years.

Most of my psychotherapy practice involves one meeting per week, but I do also see people twice a week or more on occasion. Some people see me for only a few sessions, then feel that is enough to regroup and move on. Others see me for years rather than months. I like to work holistically and in depth, so that people feel that they achieve not only symptom relief but also a deeper and more resilient sense of themselves, better able to face the challenges that might come their way in future.

Effective psychotherapy always takes place in a relationship between two persons. I am critical of manualized treatment protocols, which focus almost exclusively on symptom reduction. What we call symptoms calls for our attention to the wider contexts in which they are embedded. I share this view with  the psychoanalytic, Jungian, humanistic, and phenomenological  traditions. These overlapping traditions all regard psychotherapy as a professional relationship in which we can seriously think about ourselves and our circumstances, as well as face and lay to rest those “demons” that haunt our memories and dreams, and which prevent us from living more fulfilling lives. Through psychotherapy we often come to feel more responsive but less hyper-reactive to events; instead we feel more appropriately engaged, perhaps more embodied and grounded, with boundaries that feel both more secure and flexible. We may come to see both others and ourselves more clearly, for sure, but in more nuanced and complex ways.

I work with people from diverse backgrounds, including religious and ethnic backgrounds, and minority populations of various kinds, which includes military veterans and their loved ones.